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Vashikaran Totke Hindi Mein For Girl

There are many types of vashikaran totke comes under Astrology. Vashikaran Totke often used for girl attraction or controlling purposes and it can be use for any desired girl, men/women, husband/wife, or any other person. Below are the 5 most effective vashikaran totke that can help you:

1. Om namo bhoothnath samast bhuwan, bhutani sadhya hu

This vashikaran totka can be used at many places and provide instant results. Firstly, you have to collect the 27 teeth of donkey and then make bright those teeths with the hair of horse. Then you have to sit on the east side in early morning and repeat this vashikaran totka in the sound of hindi and repeat it 3,101 times, after that it will get energies.

2. Cut your nails of hands andlegs, and mix it with the food of that desired girl, who you want to do attract or control. Soon, the lady will be in your control after eating this food.

3. In any month of shukla paksha on Sunday, get the soil of samshan and mix it with your nails of hands and legs, and mix all these with the food of that desired girl on whom you want to attract with vashikaran. After eating this food that girl will come in your control.

4. On amawsya mix your virya with petha and go to kumhar’s house to place this petha on the door of kumhar, and take a round of this petha in anti-clockwise direction. And when any girl will eat this petha, she will get hit by vashikaran and comes under control of you.

5. On Sunday take wood of chameli and mix it with jayfal, raal and long. Then mix it with milk and make a tablet. Give this tablet to the girl you want. When she will eat it, she will be under vashikaran effect.

These are the vashikaran totke that we provide to those who have the reason of one sided love of girl, attraction or controlling someone for positive purposes. For further information, feel free to contact us on the given numbers.

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